Definition: The location on the surface of the earth directly above the origin of an earthquake.

Epicenter is a free mobile application available on the Apple app store for the iPhone and iPad . You can find it here.


For questions or support contact us at seismology.rocks@protonmail.com

Epicenter Privacy Policy

  • Epicenter does not collect, record or transmit any personal information whatsoever. We do not know who you are.
  • With your permission, Epicenter will obtain your location to show your current position on the globe. In addition, your position is used to calculate the distance between you and the location of earthquakes. Your location data is never transmitted off your device.
  • Epicenter does employ the third-party tracking software Flurry, used for observing how you broadly interact with the app (essentially what features you use and do not use) and Google Firebase, which provides important technical diagnostics in the event the app crashes.